What Are Computer Glasses?

What are computer glasses?

The rapid rise of computer technologies in American homes and workplaces is a major hallmark of the 21st century. Today, folks are spending eleven hours or more in front of computer screens, smartphones, and other forms of digital media. It isn’t an overstatement to say that we do indeed spend most of our waking hours looking at screens. In most cases this is unavoidable since most if not all businesses today use computer technologies in one form or another. While this has undoubtedly revolutionized productivity in the workplace, costs have been incurred on the human side of the equation. It is a well known fact that prolonged screen time can lead to eye fatigue or even worse, computer vision syndrome (CVS). As a result of these findings a notable solution was developed - computer glasses.

Essentially, computer glasses are a type of optical lens that is specially developed to filter out blue light from computer screens or other digital interfaces. Instead of being prescription-only like traditional reading glasses, computer glasses can be constructed to meet the needs of both prescription and non-prescription customers. That being said, it is highly recommended to have your computer glasses prescribed especially for you. At the end of the day the ultimate goal is to limit the total amount of blue light exposure one gets throughout the day. It is true that we need blue light in smaller amounts for health reasons. But, too much exposure to blue light on a continual basis could cause complications. 


What Is Blue Light?

On the upper end of the visible spectrum of light is blue/violet light. As a consequence blue light has a shorter wavelength than say, red light. This shorter wavelength makes blue light a High Energy Visible light (HEV). We can see blue light on a clear, sunny day naturally. However, blue light is also used artificially on all electronic devices like computer screens and smartphones, too. It is prolonged exposure to both the artificial and natural side of HEV light that can lead issues. 

Blue light spectrum

Can Computer Glasses Help With Computer Vision Syndrome & Other Symptoms?

Computer glasses have been especially developed to help mitigate the symptoms associated with CVS and general eye fatigue. This is achieved by having an anti-reflective coating on the lens of the glasses as well as a blue light filter. By reducing the overall exposure to blue light the user can work longer and see a possible reduction in symptoms. If you are noticing symptoms like eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, or even dry eyes then it is advised to consult a health practitioner to discuss these symptoms and the possibility of using computer glasses to help alleviate said symptoms. While it is true that computer glasses can be effective in reducing CVS symptoms it is important to take other factors into account like workstation ergonomics, posture, or other vision-related conditions that have not been corrected or diagnosed by a health professional. 

Types of Computer Glasses

You can find computer glasses in a wide range of styles and colors on the market today. The amount of customization out there is truly limitless. All computer glasses will have the same anti-reflective coating on the lenses which helps block blue light. There are multiple lenses that can be used with computer glasses to help folks who need vision correction as well. The lenses you often find with computer glasses are as follows: single vision, occupational progressive, and occupational bifocal & trifocal.

Single vision lense are the standard lens used in computer lenses and have a specific magnification that is tailored to the distance the user sits from the screen. This lense also helps relax one’s eyes when looking at a computer screen from a distance leading to less eye drift over time. Instead of only correcting distance, the occupational progressive lense has no center focal point for the eye but instead corrects near, intermediate, and distance at an exact point. Although the progressive lense is great for computer use it isn’t great for tasks that require full distance vision like driving or operating heavy machinery. Both occupational bifocal & trifocal lenses are used to expand the near and intermediate vision of standard glasses but adjusted for a person’s sitting height and distance from their computer. 

Which Computer Glasses are Best for Me?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘best pair’ of computer glasses per se. Like any type of optical accessory, choosing the right fit is purely personal and comes with experimentation. We all have a different set of eyes and need eyewear that is tailored to fit the individual, not the market as a whole. It may seem like we keep harping on about this but it is advised that you should seek the advice of an optician before purchasing a pair of computer glasses. It is critical to choose a lense that best suits your eyes and not mine. For example, I am both near and far-sighted with an astigmatism. I personally need a specialized pair of computer glasses. 

It is also important to note that computer glasses cannot fulfill the role of healthy posture and break habits either. Indeed, computer glasses are one tool out of many that can be used to make computer work healthier and more bearable.

Where Can I Buy Computer Glasses?

Computer glasses of all styles can be purchased from a wide array of retailers online or even locally depending on what’s around. If you’re desperately trying to avoid a trip to the doctor’s office then CompUSA is the way to go. At CompUSA we offer a diverse range of computer glasses at price points as low as $49. Buying a pair of computer glasses is easy. Take these Hoxton computer glasses for example where customers can buy a pair and even choose their own frame color with the click of a button. As we mentioned above, finding the right magnification is purely personal preference and will depend on where you sit relative to the computer screen. 

Perhaps you have other vision-related issues and already wear prescription glasses, what then? In that case prescription computer glasses would definitely be the best option for you. With a proper prescription from your eye care specialist in hand one can easily go online to purchase a pair of computer glasses frames that will fit with your prescription.

Can Computer Glasses Replace Regular Glasses?

Arguably, one of the strongest arguments for computer glasses is the fact they can replace standard eyeglasses. Those who decide to wear computer glasses can enjoy the benefits of having both their prescription and protection from blue light exposure. It’s important to note too that computer glasses not only block blue light from computer screens but also the sun. So, you’re essentially getting protection for both indoor and outdoor exposure - something standard eyeglasses cannot do.  

Wrapping Up

In this article we introduced computer glasses, discussed their use and how to decide if they are the right fit for you. The average screen times of adults and people of all age groups for that matter only seems to be increasing. As more folks begin to see symptoms associated with blue light exposure or CVS computer glasses become an increasingly viable option. That being said finding the perfect pair of computer glasses will require a little research and perhaps a doctor’s visit. Whether your desired computer glasses are cheap or expensive, the benefits will be the same. Mainly, less harmful levels of blue light hitting your eyeballs -- which is something I think we can all get behind.