What is the lifetime cost of wearing prescription glasses?

Stop throwing away money

Stop Throwing Away Money

Consumer Reports claims that prescription eyeglasses from a top U.S. eye wear chain cost an average of $369. The national average for a pair of glasses is $197. American's are spending over $25 billion dollars a year on their eyeglasses. Here we will break down the lifetime costs of buying traditional glasses vs buying from us.

The national retail average cost of eyeglasses with prescription lenses is $197 and while adults need one new pair annually, children often need two pairs. You can save up to 75% off traditional retail prices with CompUSA Glasses. Also, all of our lenses block and filter out blue light, too.

Save a ton of money with CompUSA Glasses

What You Can Save Over a 10 Year Period

With a median price of $197 for a retail pair of prescription eyeglasses, over 10 years that price can add up quick. Imagine if you were a family of four, having to buy two adult pairs and four pairs for the kids every year. Your bill after a decade would almost be $11,820 and that's without upgrading your lenses. Here at CompUSA Glasses our eyeglasses with prescription lenses start at $49, and these lenses also block and filter out blue light from digital screens. With us you'd save 75%, or $8,800, over the same ten year period! Check out some of our best selling eyeglasses today.